Why Buy a Custom Track Day Motorcycle Suit ?

The real benefit our buying a custom fit track day motorcycle suit is that it is the safest way to ride in any track day event, because there are two types of track day racers- the ones that spilled and the ones that will spill.The real question is where will your armor be when you go down and how will the seam and zippers hold up!

Sure we could talk how we can custom your track day motorcycle suit to match the colors of your bike or how we will custom logo your track day motorcycle suit to personalize it with flash but really the key is the custom fit for safety.

Basically we will detail the features of our custom track day motorcycle suits in the following blog post with pictures of the features etc but the key to getting a custom track day suit is to be ready for the spill.

That is comet racing leathers has you input 20 different measurements for each trackday motorcycle suit no matter if it s 2 piece track day suit or a one piece motorcycle track day suit.From the neck to the knees your track day motorcycle has to fit like a glove. Lets face it the pro’s don’t buy custom to be cool they do it because they know under a spill the (which will happen) the titanium does you know good if the slider is digging into your forearm because the jacket didn’t fit right.Knees and shoulders are also a problem for many as we are not a flat belly riders and generally suits are not built for older units like myself that why custom is the key.

Of course we understand that Custom track motorcycle suits might seem to be out of reach for your average weekend trackday rider but that’s why purchasing a custom trackday motorcycle suit direct from Comet Racing Leathers makes even more sense because we will tailor our prices to the track day suit man and women as well…

More to come from on for Comet “Custom fit” -Racing Leathers-designed with racers in mind

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