Comet Racing Leathers is an professional manufacturer of “custom Fit” leather motorcycle suits and motorcycle jackets with over 15 years’ experience in tailoring professional racing leathers -so relax we make it easy.

Just grab a partner and a measuring tape and follow the simple step by step video to create aperfect “Comet custom fit” racing suit or jacket. (Please fill in the complete form& note: The tape should be snug but not tight)

Here we go-please start the video-

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1. Circumference at Neck
2. Point of Shoulder to Point of Shoulder
3. Chest Circumference (From Under armpits)
4. Waist Circumference (3 inches below Naval)
5. Belt Line
6. Hip Circumference (at the widest point)
7. Thigh Circumference (at the widest point)
8. Knee Circumference (center of knee)
9. Calf Circumference
10. Ankle Circumference
11. Shoulder to Wrist
12. Shoulder to Point of Elbow
13. Point of Elbow to Wrist
14. ForeArm Circumference (Flexed)
15. Wrist Circumference
16. Nape of neck to Crotch
17. Inseam - Crotch to Ankle
18. Slightly bent knee-Crotch to Knee cap
19. Knee Cap to Ankle
20. Nape of neck to Ankle
Bl. Driver Height
Cl.Driver Weight
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