Custom Motorcycle Suit for a Track Day

Many track day enthusiasts are out searching on the Internet researching what is the current affordable custom motorcycle suit for a track day but riders few have been lucky enough to stumble upon a small manufacturer of a full line of custom fit leather racing gear called Comet Racing Leathers. Comet Racing Leathers focuses on giving track racers and weekend riders the ability to personalize their custom motorcycle leathers and they carry a full line of one and two piece racing suits to match any rider’s style. Most importantly for maximum safety each suit and jacket has a “custom fit” option for the rider and each item can also be personalized for armor, color, embroidery work.

Custom motorcycle suit for a track day

Track day customized suit for customer-comet partner in OZZ

Comet Racing Leathers (CRL) specializes in delivering custom fit tailored one and two piece leather motorcycle racing suits designed and built with track day professionals in mind. Comets racing suit line options ranges from the aggressive athletic cut Comet CCR-1 GP Pro Arrow racer for the professional WERA Circuit racer all the way to the combination street and track ready 2 piece CCXM 360 “Full Motion” GP Pro racer designed both for sport bike racing and over the road cruising.

Most important (CRL) offers you the option of a custom fit motorcycle suit based off your own 20 personalized measurements to deliver a suit that fits your body like a glove. From the neck measurement to the ankle measurement your suit is hand made within and inch and half tolerance throughout the entire suit. This affords the driver the safest possible suit and provides the greatest comfort at a price he or she can afford.

Each suit can also be customized by utilizing the many other custom options offered by comet racing leathers including your choice both types of interior (CE approved Smith armor) and exterior ( titanium ) armor options as well the ability to customize your suit colors and personalized logo work free of charge. The owner also has the ability to customize the amount of perforation they would like depending upon their location and racing conditions.

Exterior titanium shoulder protector

Extertior Option

These options create and excellent opportunity and for those drivers looking for custom motorcycle suit for a track day a real chance to get the safety, look and feel of how the professionals do it. Lastly Comet offers free shipping to anywhere in the world on their custom fit racing and cruising suit options.

How is a “Custom Fit” Motorcycle Racing Suit Made?

All “Custom fit” motorcyle suit makers are not the same

True handmade “Custom fit” Motorcycle suits like those manufactured by Comet Racing Leathers are constructed to your exact body measurements with 20 different measurements to make sure every pad and slider is in the exact perfect location the day you crash because we all know everybody crashes and the key is what happens when you go down.Please Be aware all “custom fit” Motorcycle racing suit are not created equal-many so-called suits are just off the rack suits that modified with a logo or a tuck here and there to say they will fit or give you a bit more flair on your bike.

At Comet professional pattern makers takes great pride in starting from scratch on every suit to give the rider the exact ‘custom fit” he or she needs and desires with each suit being hand cut.

Comet Handmade Pattern maker

Comet Pattern maker as he begins the Leather cutting

Manufactured by Hand

At Comet Racing Leathers we focus on every one of the 22 specific measurements of your body to tailor and custom your leather motorcycle suit or sport bike jacket that might literally save your skin. Every inch your suit will be cut and Kevlar sewn with only you the unique end user in mind. We manufacture every suit and jacket by hand and our Comet suits to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Comet custom cut leather

Custom Cut Brazilian leather

You will Crash and what is your safety worth?

Because we we all know there are only 2 types of motorcyle riders the one that crashed and the ones that will crash- the question is do you want to trust a rack suit that was thown together to meet a general size or do you want a custom Fit motorcyle suit that is customized to your body to save you skin?

Ask Colin Gast what he perfers-

I walked away with not a scratch. Not bad for sliding across the concrete and tumbling through the sand at that speed. Your suit really saved my butt, literally. Thank you for making this suit so safe, I really appreciate it. Everything did what it was supposed to and I’m able to walk away from this incident without a scratch

Watch the complete crash Video

Comet arrow after a crash test

Arrow after a crash

We are extremely happy Colin is safe and walked away from that spill at 140 MHP and of course our custom suits can only do so much to protect you but we can guarantee that your custom fit comet leather will be hand made to the best of our ability that Custom fit Motorcyle suit manufacture will care more about how your suit fits than Comet Racing Leathers.

Comet Custom Arrow in red and white one piece motorcycle racing suit

Colin thank you for your trust and all at Comet wish you great year ahead !

Comet Racing Leathers

Custom Track Day CCXM 360 2 Piece Leather Motorcycle Track Day Racing Suits

brents back CCXM 2 pcComet Custom CCXM 360 2 piece  leather motorcycle suit

Dear Brett (Tenjo)- Thanks for being one of the first comet track day racers to send it pictures from your track day in Darwin Australia.

Glad to hear our Comet Custom Tailored CCXM 360 2 piece Leather Motorcycle suit fit like glove and the colors you choose look excellent on the bike and now I understand Tenjo Logo

Have a great Track day season bro

Thanks for your trust and thanks for Partnering with Comet racing Leathers

Why Buy a Custom Track Day Motorcycle Suit ?

The real benefit our buying a custom fit track day motorcycle suit is that it is the safest way to ride in any track day event, because there are two types of track day racers- the ones that spilled and the ones that will spill.The real question is where will your armor be when you go down and how will the seam and zippers hold up!

Sure we could talk how we can custom your track day motorcycle suit to match the colors of your bike or how we will custom logo your track day motorcycle suit to personalize it with flash but really the key is the custom fit for safety.

Basically we will detail the features of our custom track day motorcycle suits in the following blog post with pictures of the features etc but the key to getting a custom track day suit is to be ready for the spill.

That is comet racing leathers has you input 20 different measurements for each trackday motorcycle suit no matter if it s 2 piece track day suit or a one piece motorcycle track day suit.From the neck to the knees your track day motorcycle has to fit like a glove. Lets face it the pro’s don’t buy custom to be cool they do it because they know under a spill the (which will happen) the titanium does you know good if the slider is digging into your forearm because the jacket didn’t fit right.Knees and shoulders are also a problem for many as we are not a flat belly riders and generally suits are not built for older units like myself that why custom is the key.

Of course we understand that Custom track motorcycle suits might seem to be out of reach for your average weekend trackday rider but that’s why purchasing a custom trackday motorcycle suit direct from Comet Racing Leathers makes even more sense because we will tailor our prices to the track day suit man and women as well…

More to come from on for Comet “Custom fit” -Racing Leathers-designed with racers in mind

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As a manufacturer delivering direct we guarantee our hand-made custom fit leather motorcycle suits and motorcycle jackets or you will get your money back.

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